Announcing ears support via API for V2 rabbits.

August 3, 2014

I hope all of you are enjoying your rabbits. Recently, someone contacted me with a very interesting story that involved moving the ears on the rabbit based on their geographic location. So now the API supports moving the ears! If interested, update your Pi's code and see the issues and release history yellow sticky on the Pi's home page. I've added a wiki to the project page on how to update your rabbit's code to the latest.

Raspberry Pi outperforms Houston data center.

August 14, 2013

It's official. I've been hosting my rabbits on my Pi for a week now and it's been running like a champ. Over the past week I've spent a lot of time cleaning up code, setting up the repository, and documenting. I've managed to break a few things, fix those, and discover Twitter doesn't work anymore because they now require authentication. I even formatted my SD card twice to test out my instructions. I was surprised to find out how many of you already have a Pi, which makes this project even better.

So here it is for you to download:

See the wiki page for the latest instructions. Have fun.

I have another idea.

August 7, 2013

It turns out the Raspberry Pi, the $35 credit card sized unix computer, is a perfect web server to host your own rabbit. It's much better than running your rabbit from a laptop which is how began. In fact, it's hosting my rabbit right now.

I am in the process of porting the code that used to run on to run on the Raspberry Pi. I still have some, well a lot of cleanup left to do, but I intend to make this an open source project. The new project will have everything that had including all of the languages, sound effects, voices, features, etc.

If you go this route, it may be a bit of a challenge for some of you. The Raspberry Pi runs on Debian unix which is a lot different than Windows or Mac. Mac is technically unix, but nothing like Debian.

When all setup, you'll be able to just put the Raspberry Pi in the corner of your house somewhere and host your rabbits. No hosting companies to deal with and you get to make changes if you wish. It runs as a headless server which means once you get it setup, you don't even need a monitor - you'll access it using your browser.

Check back for more details later.

In the meantime, cheers and best wishes to all of you.


Pokey has died. Long live the rabbit!

August 7, 2013

Over the years, grew to be the home of more than 800 registered rabbits. A lot of them came and went, but for the core group that remained, this meant that the server was handling more than 10,000 requests per hour. In August 2013, we were given the boot by our fifth hosting company due to excessive CPU usage and told that we would need a dedicated server to continue.

Now I appreciate those of you that donated to the site, but a dedicated server costs megabucks and I'm afraid that the donations wouldn't even cover a month. has been served by five different hosting companies. If you have a site that actually does something, as opposed to one that just serves static text, hosting companies don't like you.

You may not realize it, but there is a fair amount of work that goes in to setting up and managing a server. While I've thought about taking the effort to find a sixth host, I've decided against the idea. And so your rabbit is most likely very quite and sad right now.